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X150 will be opened 16. October, join the hundreds online!

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Feel free to contact us anytime!

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Unique in-game quests with nice rewards!

Server X9999 Information

Basic info about the server:

- Version: Season 15 Pro

- Regular Experience: 9999x

- Master Experience: 3333x

- Maximum Level: 400

- Maximum Master Level: 800

- Maximum stats: 32767


Additional info about server:

- Professional Anti-Hack system

- Professional game Launcher

- Exclusive Quest System

- Exclusive New Jewels

- Max 3 Connections per 1 IP

- Low Performance Mode: Button F9

- Available Offlevel (limited max time)

- Available Offstore (only Loren Market map)

- Non PvP Maps: Aida 1,2 | Karutan 1,2 | DD 1


Reset, grand reset info:

Reset from level 400: Stats Clear + 500 Free Points

Grand Reset optional from 50 Resets: Stats Clear + 5000 Free Points

Max Resets: Unlimited, Max Grand Resets: Unlimited


Reset Reward: 5 Wcoins, Grand Reset Reward: 2000 Wcoins

Reset in game by command /reset, Grand Reset in game by command /grandreset


Important links:

Detailed information about game Game Guides

Game Commands, Features

- Exclusive Unique Quests

Information about VIP

Chaos Machine Rates

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