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Character KuGhe Info

Empire Lord
Character KuGhe
Class Empire Lord
Level 400
MasterLevel 800
Strength 32767
Agility 32767
Vitality 24743
Energy 32767
Resets 242
Grand Reset 0
PK Level Commoner (0)
Location Scorched Canyon (106x11)
Status Offline Offline
Account Information
Characters : KuGhe, ASDFAWE, sdfw3r, asdfa234, asdf234, chaaadfasd, qwe12312, llllllllll, Mithril, Milthril
Last Login : 25 September 2022, 08:27
Last Logout 25 September 2022, 22:01
Guild Info
Guild : VNtenten
Master : KuGhe
Members : 22
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